Saturday, August 15, 2015

Marsh Creek and Marsh Valley

 Evenings in the summer can be quite beautiful in the Mountain West of the United States. It is not uncommon to have evening rain showers and with it beautiful sunsets.

These photos are taken in Marsh Valley in Idaho. The first is of Marsh Creek with the valley in the background. The second is of a different angle of the valley with the traces of a double rainbow over sagebrush. It is times like these that a person wonders why anyone stays inside when there are things worth seeing and experiencing out in the world.

Showers at Sunset - Marsh Creek, Idaho

Rainbows Over the Flats - Marsh Valley, Idaho

Saturday, June 6, 2015

In Remembrance of D-Day

It has been 71 years since the invasion of the beaches of Normandy by Allied forces. Many men sacrificed their lives to obtain a foothold in France so people and nations could eventually be liberated. When I think of the sacrifice given and hardships made to fight against tyranny a reverential quiet comes over me. Those soldiers did their duty and gave their all in the name of freedom.

There are few World War II veterans left and there are fewer each year. Eventually there will be no more veterans left to be witnesses of that great conflict. All of the veterans of World War I are gone and all we have is history books to tell their tales. The time is not far distant when that too will happen with the veterans of WWII. Let us not forget what they stood for and fought against. Let us thank our veterans while they are still here.

Photo taken during a July Forth celebration in Idaho in 2010