Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Self Portrait

Before you run away screaming I want you to know that it is just me. This is a photo that was taken in color digitally, and then I made it black and white later. Fun fact about this photo is that it was taken in a darker room at about f/22 and a very slow shutter speed. The catch is that I used an external flash that I fired manually towards a white wall. Firing the flash against the wall gave the softer glow that you see here.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Henry's Fork of the Snake River

The Snake River in the the Western United States is a beautiful winding body of water. The Snake is the longest and largest tributary to the Colombia River. This first photo is taken from earlier this year above Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington. Here the Snake River is met by the Clearwater River. Lewiston, Idaho has the furthest inland port in the Western United States. The Snake River's features of vegetation and being on a plain inhibit erosion, unlike the Colorado River whose erosion is famous for making the Grand Canyon. The Snake River Plain is home to some of the most pristine farmland in Idaho. The Snake River, along with ancient lava flows and the climate, make this area great for agriculture and the home of the potato.

In southeast Idaho lies the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. This is deep in potato country, not far from Yellowstone, and it is this water that gives life to the land. These middle two photos are from Henry's Fork just a month ago. This last photo is a section of Henry's Fork over a three to four month period. I did a Monet study of the area and this collage is the result.