Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Agate Beach Panorama

 Most people have not heard of Agate Beach located in Mendocino, California. There are actually multiple beaches called "Agate Beach" in the world. I was told about this beach and it came highly recommended. With the details we decided to go there.

From the angle of this photo the beach is off to the right at about 90 degrees (East). If you saw this image at print size you could see a lighthouse off in the distance, north of where I took this. The lighthouse is the Point Cabrillo Light Station. We did not get to visit the lighthouse because we were exploring the beach.

Now I know some of you are wondering why it has been over a month since I made a post. It is due to this image in large part. I had to put the panorama together by hand because Photoshop was not able to do it because there were so many photos. This image is made up from 59 photos! While I was working on this I had to save it as a PSB document, or a large Photoshop file. I could not save it as a Tiff file because it was larger than 4GB is size! If I were to print this at 300 ppi (or dpi) It would be just over six feet tall!

I say all this because you may think that I took a long time on one image. Here is an example for you. I do not have the full sized image here. I obviously has to size it down. The first image is the whole image and I have cropped versions till you get close to print size. The most zoomed image is a larger file size (at print size) than the file size that you get to look at here on the computer! So enjoy!