Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Carvings

I recently participated in an event for a new Chick-fil-A. There I carved a pumpkin with the Chick-fil-A logo. I went back yesterday and I found the pumpkin sitting out front with all the non-carved pumpkins. It was cool to see my work displayed.  The photos were taken with my phone.

Chick-fil-A logo Pumpkin Carving

Chick-fil-A logo Pumpkin Carving

 Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Autumn in Little Cottonwood Canyon

Water Droplets on Leaf

I love autumn! I love to see bright colors and a variety of them. The fall colors have been quite beautiful. These particular photos are from over a week ago. The colors are much better now. Now there are more of the orange and red colors. I'm sure it is nothing like the New England area, but it still is beautiful.  

My last post was from a week before these photos were taken. Again it had rained and, as you can see, some water droplets had gathers on some of the fallen leaves. At the time we were up in the canyon it was partially cloudy. When the sun would shine through it was so cheery and warm. Even when the sun was not shining through it was quite pleasant. 

Enjoy the photos. There is one photo of one of the biggest water droplets I have ever seen on a leaf. I also enjoy the photos of the trees and of the fern shadow on an aspen.

Water Droplets on Leaf

Water Droplets on Leaf

Aspen Avenue

Fern Shadowing Aspen

Pine In The Aspen Trees - Sunny

Fern Shadow Covering Aspen

Upright Fern Shadowing Aspen

Water Droplets on Leaf

Water Droplets on Leaf

Giant Water Droplet on Leaf

Fern Changing Color

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Aspen Trees

Pine In The Aspen Trees - Partially Sunny

Pine In The Aspen Trees - Shade

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

Little Cottonwood Canyon and George Cepull

This is George Cepull. I think you all might want to know more about him. If you first saw him how I did I know you might at least be interested.

My wife and I were taking a drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon to see the leaves changing. It had been raining and the day was beautiful. On our way up the canyon We saw George walking up the road. At the time I wanted to ask him questions but I did not do it till later. I will return to the story of George after I show a little bit of what the Canyon looked like. You will want to find out the rest about George because it really is a fantastic story.

George Cepull

We started by going to the Temple Quarry Trail. Because of the rain the rock was wet and the plants were full of life. Not many leaves had changed color, but it was still all very beautiful. 

Rock in the Trees - Little Cottonwood Canyon

Dry Granite Creek - Little Cottonwood Canyon

The Temple Quarry Trail is where the granite for the Salt Lake City Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well as other buildings. The granite as a whole is a light great but you find some dark black in it as well.

Granite Rock - Little Cottonwood Canyon

Granite - Little Cottonwood Canyon

Granite Upon Granite - Little Cottonwood Canyon

Granite River Bottom - Little Cottonwood Canyon

I was also surprised to see such a big slug in the canyon. I grew up in Utah and I have never seen a slug like this in Utah ever. Ever. I Don't know what that means for the ecosystem but I am getting off topic.

Long Slug - Little Cottonwood Canyon

Long Slug - Little Cottonwood Canyon

Slug Head - Little Cottonwood Canyon

Tree - Little Cottonwood Canyon

Tree - Little Cottonwood Canyon

The clouds in the canyon were superb! They were constantly changing. They would come in from the valley and even rise up from the canyon floor. Much of the time I just watched because you cannot quite catch the full beauty of it in a still moment. Don't you just want to get out more!

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Rocks, Trees, and Clouds - Little Cottonwood Canyon

Rock and Cloud - Little Cottonwood Canyon

10 photo panorama in Little Cottonwood Canyon

Little Cottonwood Canyon looking into the Salt Lake Valley

Trees Among Terraced Stone - Little Cottonwood Canyon

Waterfall, Little Cottonwood Canyon

Clouds and Changing Leaves, Little Cottonwood Canyon

 At the top of the canyon the colors were muted. They were mostly browns and tans among the pines with a hint of color. The texture of the brush on the mountainside was lovely to behold.

18 photo panorama, Top of Little Cottonwood Canyon

4 photo panorama, Top of Little Cottonwood Canyon

Now for what you have been put in suspense for. What is it about George Cepull?

George has a prosthetic leg. That is not where the interesting things stop either. George Was completing the last half of his hike up and down the canyon. He had done the lower half the week before. I pulled over and started up a conversation with him. He complemented my beard and I complemented his hat. As I talked to George about his hiking he said, "Do you know how I can do this?" I asked how and he said, "God." He said it was God that made it so he could walk even though he was missing his leg. George says it so he could tell people like me about it, about how God made it so he can do it.

George Cepull pausing for a photo in Little Cottonwood Canyon

George Cepull, showing off his prosthetic leg while hiking up Little Cottonwood Canyon

George is 65 years old and lives in Orem, Utah. He is an artist and he volunteers with elementary school students to teach them how to draw with simple shapes. He also works with autistic kids.  

George used to have use of both of his legs. He lost his right leg because of a blood clot in his femoral artery. His leg was amputated above the knee. He does not sit back and bemoan the loss of his leg. He goes out and walks, and walks, and walks. He might not go as fast as other people but he is persistent. He is the proverbial tortoise who will win the race. George does not let the steep climb hold him back, or the continual rain. The upper part of his prosthetic has to stay dry. George goes out into the rain to walk anyway. He has a cover for it. He walks for hours one step after another. Recently, He walked all the way from Provo, Utah, to Evanston, Wyoming. 

That is admirable! 

George Cepull, hiking Little Cottonwood Canyon

George Cepull, hiking Little Cottonwood Canyon

Rock Face of Little Cottonwood Canyon

Cloud Covered Trees - Little Cottonwood Canyon

Misty Mountain Trees - Little Cottonwood Canyon
George Cepull, hiking Little Cottonwood Canyon

Keep Walking!

George Cepull, hiking Little Cottonwood Canyon