Monday, March 21, 2011

The Wind Cave in Logan Canyon

Just so you know, the hike to the Wind Caves in Logan Canyon is not that hard. Sure you are climbing but it is quite a nice hike. At the trail head it says the hike is difficult. It would be if you were on crutches, anything is hard on crutches, but you could still do the hike. I highly recommend this hike.

On Saint Patty's I was in Logan, Utah and I was able to take a short hike up to the Wind Cave in Logan Canyon. If you head east on US-89 out of Logan City you are a short drive from the Wind Cave Trail Head. When you get to the trail head make sure you have good shoes on. In my personal opinion the trail is easy but I must be wrong because the sign says that the hike is difficult. When the trail is only 1.9 miles long and much of that is shaded I would not consider it to be hard. I would not even call it steep compared to other trails I have been on.

This photo is a view from the trail of Logan Canyon. From the trail you can see one geological feature that is called the China Wall. Yes there is snow on the ground but most of it was from the previous night. Most of the snow covered ground was free of snow on the way down.

When you first arrive at the cave you will not know it because you will be on top of it. As you walk around the destination you finally realize that the cave is beneath you. If that happens you might have to walk around one of the holes of the cave to be able to get down in the cave. Because of the melting snow and the colder night I encountered ice covered rocks as I tried to go down in with my camera equipment. I was a little nervous on my way down I must admit, but the view is worth it. I also have some god personal memories of this place as well.

The Ice was beautiful... but hard to walk on.

Where the cave opens to the south the sunshine comes in and makes for a stark contrast of all the ice I encountered on the north entrance of the cave.

The Cave has arches within the cave and in one place you should see a fire that someone had made to keep warm (or cook their lunch).

As I was leaving The snow was melting and the ground was mostly exposed and I saw this small tree and I thought it was very beautiful. I can feel spring in the air!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Studio Samples

I have recently just started taking photos in a studio setting. Here are some of the photos that I have taken that I wanted to highlight.

This first one is of a snowman that has met his match as the warmer weather arrives. I have spring fever and I am excited for the warmth of spring. So when I took this photo I wanted to give the idea of nice warm spring from the point of view of the snowman. Spring is not something that a snowman would look forward to. If you are wondering, yes that is real snow in a studio.

The focus of this photo is supposed to be on the texture of this pineapple. I love fruit and veggies and, well, just food. I printed this photo on matte paper and when looking at it I want to just stick my hand in the photo and pull out the pineapple. Enough said.

When you see this photo what is the first word that comes to your mind to describe it? If the word that you think of is "line" then I succeeded with this photo.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am in a photo class where we recently had an assignment where er had to use a flatbed scanner as a camera. Here are the things that I came up with for it.

This first one is unedited. I just took the objects seen and just put them on the scanner. Though they are just on the scanner thought, trial and error went into making this. There is plastic in the scene that catches the light from the scanner and refracts it and causes some interesting effects. Some of the objects are in front of the plastic and some are behind. There are even some objects and go through the plastic. One little detail that I would like to point out on the watch. The second hand was going and because of the slow speed of the scanner the second hand is fractured and in different positions. This detail gives a little bit of an insight as to how the scanner works.

This last one Used multiple scans. The coral part of this scene was taken from a National Geographic Magazine but the rest is original work of mine. I like it how the texture of the coral is like the peel of an orange if the peel were to be green.