Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Sluggish Day & Van Damme Beach

Large slug at Agate Beach, CA

Have you ever had one of those days that never seems to end? I know many people that must be feeling that way today. Today is Thursday and people just want the weekend to be here already. However today is also February 2nd, Groundhog Day, and we are now being told that we are going to have six more weeks of winter. Will this winter never end?! In all honestly winter has not full arrived here so I guess this just means winter will arrive late.

Giant slug and my index finger. I have heard of bigger slugs but this one was huge. It was even bigger than it looked.

In any case here are some slugs! While we made the stop at Agate Beach near Mendocino, CA we saw some of the biggest slugs I have ever seen They were bigger than my fingers, and a lot more slimy. They were huddled in the dark, dampness of an opening in the rock near the water. There were so many of them as well. They were everywhere!

Though there were slugs we still enjoyed our time exploring what the waves had brought in. We saw the leftover lunches of many birds in the form of crab shells. I got the desire for crab with some butter, salt, and lemon. I must admit that the birds efficiently cleaned the crabs out so there was nothing left but empty shells.

Van Damme Beach with a stream that might be called Little River

I do love sea food... as long as it is cooked. On our way from Point Arena to Agate Beach we stopped while I took photos of Van Damme Beach. Van Dame Beach is located south of Mendocino  near Little River, CA. In fact I assume that this is where "Little River" drains into the ocean. It is a little river from the looks of it. But perhaps we just caught it on a "low" day. Even this "river" was a little sluggish thing that I hopped over to take my photos.

Large slug. This is its head. The slugs seem to have tiny little leg-feet like a centipede.

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