Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Panoramas from Plano, Idaho

I took some photos in Plano, Idaho this last week and here are a few of the Panoramas that I put together. I have more photos but I'm not putting them up until after a contest that I am in so people wont steal my ideas just yet.


  1. Wow that is some seriously flat land. I love the perception of scale of the sprinkler and the vibrant green. :)

  2. My Grandpa lives in Plano. On the same potato farm that my dad grew up on. I love that part of the country...in the summer! Gorgeous pictures!

  3. Micah... there is a chance I might know your grandpa. I have friends who live out in Plano. I was living near there for a while. Lovely place. Thank you for taking a look at my blog. I'm glad you found something you liked.