Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sunday in the Forest of the Oregon Coast

A few years ago, while on a trip up the west coast of the United States, my wife and I took part of a day just to explore the forest along the Oregon coast north of Florence. We went to church meetings in Florence and there a local told us about a road to take to see the beautiful forest. We decided to check it out.

The forests along the coast are much more green than the forest I grew up with. It seems that even the dirt is green. Not only are they green but they are a lush green full of life! It was quiet and you could hear slight breezes moving through the treetops. What a peaceful relaxing place to stop and ponder upon the wonderful world we live in. Nature is so perfect and beautiful. True it does have its imperfections and decay but it is still wondrous to behold. The creator of the world does impeccable work!

Now for a photo challenge...
Of the images below you have to guess which ones are HDR (multiple photos taken to help have a larger dark to bright range) and which are not. I will give you a hint that there are some of each. I an giving this challenge to show that HDR can appear very real and it has a legitimate place in the realistic world.

Light coming through trees on hill - Oregon Forest

Logging Road - Oregon Forest

Logging Road - Oregon Forest

Logging Road - Oregon Forest

Oregon Forest Floor

Redwood Sorrel on the forest floor, but no redwood nearby - Oregon

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