Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am in a photo class where we recently had an assignment where er had to use a flatbed scanner as a camera. Here are the things that I came up with for it.

This first one is unedited. I just took the objects seen and just put them on the scanner. Though they are just on the scanner thought, trial and error went into making this. There is plastic in the scene that catches the light from the scanner and refracts it and causes some interesting effects. Some of the objects are in front of the plastic and some are behind. There are even some objects and go through the plastic. One little detail that I would like to point out on the watch. The second hand was going and because of the slow speed of the scanner the second hand is fractured and in different positions. This detail gives a little bit of an insight as to how the scanner works.

This last one Used multiple scans. The coral part of this scene was taken from a National Geographic Magazine but the rest is original work of mine. I like it how the texture of the coral is like the peel of an orange if the peel were to be green.

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