Monday, February 28, 2011

Photo Mosaic / Panograph

This is my first time making these. To make both of these you take tons of photos.

For a Photo Mosaic you stay in one place and take tons of photos. You could take them at different times of the day or year, but you combine them so it is all from one vantage point. You have them proportional to help it look more natural. With this version of the Photo Mosaic I took varying opacity of the photo and combined them to get the result you see here.

The Panograph is very similar except you can take photos from any angle you want or at any focal length. When you bring all the photos together there are part that you might want to be larger than others. By putting the photos and parts of photos together you can get very different perspectives. There could be some photos from within a box but you could also combine photos of the outside of the box as well. The possibilities are endless. This version is not that extreme but it helps you get the idea.

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