Monday, October 13, 2014

Autumn in Little Cottonwood Canyon

Water Droplets on Leaf

I love autumn! I love to see bright colors and a variety of them. The fall colors have been quite beautiful. These particular photos are from over a week ago. The colors are much better now. Now there are more of the orange and red colors. I'm sure it is nothing like the New England area, but it still is beautiful.  

My last post was from a week before these photos were taken. Again it had rained and, as you can see, some water droplets had gathers on some of the fallen leaves. At the time we were up in the canyon it was partially cloudy. When the sun would shine through it was so cheery and warm. Even when the sun was not shining through it was quite pleasant. 

Enjoy the photos. There is one photo of one of the biggest water droplets I have ever seen on a leaf. I also enjoy the photos of the trees and of the fern shadow on an aspen.

Water Droplets on Leaf

Water Droplets on Leaf

Aspen Avenue

Fern Shadowing Aspen

Pine In The Aspen Trees - Sunny

Fern Shadow Covering Aspen

Upright Fern Shadowing Aspen

Water Droplets on Leaf

Water Droplets on Leaf

Giant Water Droplet on Leaf

Fern Changing Color

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Aspen Trees

Pine In The Aspen Trees - Partially Sunny

Pine In The Aspen Trees - Shade

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