Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cross Processed Slide Film

When I talk to people most of them don't know much about film photography. I have shot in film and it is where I got my start. With that being said I had never processed my own film or made my own prints until the last year or so. Even though I have shot with film I had never shot with slide film. Well now I have shot with slide film! I did not process the film myself because I do not have the chemicals for it. I took it to be cross processed as color negative film because it is more expensive to develop as slide film, and I am on a budget. So when I scanned these photos I did so with, and without, color corrections. When you cross process slide film the color goes a little wonky. By adding a color correction when scanning I got a more realistic image. I find that the images have and old style look to them. It makes me feel I am looking at old photos from the 70's where the colors are not quite right.

I took these photos a while ago but I had to do some of my own cleaning to the film before I could scan it. that is what I get for having someone else develop my film for me. In any case here they are. These are from about the past four months. Some of these next single photos had a "color restoration" manipulation done to them when scanning and others didn't.

 Japanese stone lantern, sister cities monument, Sportsman Park, Idaho Falls, Idaho
(Idaho Falls, Idaho and Tokai-mura, Japan are sister cities)

 Waterfall from Sportsman Park, Idaho Fall, Idaho

Another photo of the Waterfall at Sportsman Park in Idaho Falls

Old fish hatchery pond in Sportsman Park, Idaho Falls, Idaho

 A family get together of mine.

 With these next photos I have the two versions I scanned. The "color restoration" was used in scanning with the photo on the left and unmanipulated image on the right. You can tell that there is a great difference between the two photos even though they are the same image. If I might suggest, I would click on the images to make them bigger to really be able to take the image in.

 Tropic dwelling flowers in a greenhouse at BYU-Idaho

 Taken on the trail to the Wind Cave in Logan Canyon, Utah

On Gallatin Rd SR191, Montana on the border of Montana and Wyoming near Fan Creek in Yellowstone National Park

A tropical cactus-like plant in a greenhouse at BYU-Idaho

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